No Hassles

Axex® is a complete turnkey solution. No installation is required. Just plug the server into your network, and you're ready to go.


With a clean, simple, and intuitive user interface, Axex® is extremely easy to learn. It only takes minutes for users to catch on.

Dental Software Login Screen


FastCHART is a one-of-a-kind procedure charting system. Designed around touch-based devices, users can quickly enter any procedure performed or planned. No more paper charts to deal with. Now you can set the tablet near your station, and quickly view the patient's tooth chart.

Dental Software tooth charting for iPads


Quickly schedule appointments and create recalls.

Block Scheduling

Powerful block scheduling allows users to quickly designate a block of time for a specific purpose.


Create multiple operatories for each chair or doctor in your office. Customize their display and order.

Dental Software Appointment Scheduling
Dental Software Charting


Charting features patient information, progress notes, x-rays, treatment plans, medical history, lab reports, insurance information, and more.


Dental Software iPad X-ray

Show your patients their x-rays chairside on the tablet.

Medical History

Dental Software medical history

Quickly view medical history, Rx history, patient's vital history, health history, and more.

Treatment Plans

Dental Software Treatment Plans

Create and build treatment plan options for each patient. Have the patient sign and agree on the tablet to the chosen plan.


Accounting is simple and easy to understand. Quickly enter payments, claims, and insurance payments; generate statements; and check patient balances.

Axex Dental Software Accounting

Card Payments

Axex Dental Software Card Payments

Accept card payments directly on any device.


Axex Dental Software Claims and Insurance Payments

Quickly add/edit claims and enter insurance payments.


Axex Dentaal Software E-Statements

Send statements electronically.


Send insurance claims and pre-authorization electronically. No more printing them out and mailing them.

Axex Dental Software Claims


Detailed reports to keep track of patients, procedures, and your money. See data visually to quickly understand your office's numbers.

Axex Dental Software Features

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